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"Albinism is not a curse nor is it a crime": Celebrating diversity on Albinism Awareness Day.

Today is a great day. A cherished, precious day for all of us living with albinism. I feel wonderful as I have accepted who I am. I would urge my friends living with albinism to feel the same to override all challenges they are facing in life. Always be brave and always say, " I can do it" in what ever sphere of life.

I was born on the 12th of June, and the 13th of June is International Albinism Awareness Day, therefore it is a special day for me to reflect, contemplate and celebrate my presence in this world. I thank the Almighty for according me this privilege to be part of this wonderful body of humanity.

However, I feel saddened to note that due to ignorance by sectors of society we are segregated, shunned. The stigma in people is so great and thick. You can feel it all around us. There is so much hypocrisy in those smiles. It is my dream and hope that one day this will fall away and intolerance becomes a thing of the past. The greatest thing I have is tolerance which makes me smile inside always, which makes me persevere and live on and on and on. So many times you rub shoulders with people who smile and pretend to like you but at the bottom of their hearts they will be feeling sorry for you because of who you are.

Today, I appreciate those who recognise our plight. Those who fight for our recognition, those who feel for us, those who stand by us, those who sympathise and empathise with us. Those who tolerate us, those who make our lives better by providing us with much needed resources. I just wish to salute you. There are many organisations and individuals out there doing great wonders for us living with albinism. God bless you all and never ever tire for it is what you are living for. He will forever reward and bless you abundantly.

I feel governments can still do more in provision of resources in areas of health and education. Walking the talk when they make policies of embracing us living with albinism.

I always say, living with albinism is not a curse nor is it a crime. There is no difference between you and me. Where you are strong I am weak, and where you are weak I am strong. Come to our aid and see what we are capable of as people living with albinism.

I know God loves us and has blessings for us as one people in one world. I love you all on this special wonderful day.

A special Tribute to you.

By Jayden Nokutenda Manyika 13 years old, from Harare, Zimbabwe

International Albinism Awareness Day

On December 18, 2014, the United Nations’ General Assembly adopted a resolution establishing June 13th as International Albinism Awareness Day. This year's theme is #StrengthBeyondAllOdds

Read more about Albinism and International Albinism Awareness Day at

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